3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank 1 in Google

never lose your page go down. SEO need several key strengths to work perfectly
and today we listed top 3 powerful SEO tips to boost your website’s rank first
on Google’s first page.

Focus on content

Content is the king of SEO, Search engines love quality contents on the website and they will push up your website rank automatically up in Google.  Googles new update called Hummingbird and its mainly focused on quality contents on your website. more details about Google Hummingbird

You must be strong in your SEO content and do each and every single content SEO friendly. Usually reader’s satisfaction is the bloggers success. You must fulfil your reader’s thoughts with your content and need to give an end satisfaction through your website.Optimize your title tag and mete description

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First of all, you must understand the difference between title tag and meta description. The title tag means if you search something on google and there is the link with one sentence (mostly colored) called the title tag and here the more informations about Title Tag. And the description (mostly black) below the title tag and URL called mete description and here the more information about Meta Description.

meta description, for an example, you are searching about car sale in browser
but you don’t see the words car sale or related things on the search result so
you will never click on those search results. Because they are not related to
your search and the title tag and meta descriptions don’t have car sale and
related contents.

You must need to create your title tag attractive to get clicks and the meta descriptions need suitable and related keywords. Your title tag and meta description are need to express common content.Google search console

More details about Meta Elements

Google search console

Google search console

Google search console is an excellent tool that teach you to rank your website first on Google. Did you know that Google’s search console is really free and fully powered by google? Use search console and let few days to populate your website data. Google’s search console contains many features and it have search analytics and it shows your traffic data.

Go Google search console.

Now you learned three bullet tips of SEO and I wish you will use it on your website and get your website rank one on Google search list.

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