3 Sites With Free Stock Photos For Your Blog

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Bloggers biggest problem is photos, they can’t use copyright photos to their posts. That’s why we listed 5 sites to get free stock photos for your blog.

Suitable photos make your contents more strong and attract more traffic to your blog. Blog title and featured photo are the impressions for a new reader to read your post.

When I started blogging I used searched photos through google and use it to my blog posts without giving proper credits to photo owners. After that, I realized using photos without proper credits is a finable law issue.

After that, I searched a lot and find top sites which provide copyright free stock photos for free download.

here is the list for copyright free sites,

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1. Unsplash

free stock photos

Unsplash is one of the best sites for free stock photos to get high-resolution photos for free download. This is one of the sites who provide copyright free photos for your need.

You can create an account for free and you can be a generous photographer to the unsplash community. Once you entered to unsplash you will feel the photography.

You can visit unsplash by click here.

2. Pexels

free stock photos

Pexels is another amazing site for free stock photos for your blog. It is similar to unsplash.

in pexels, you can download high-quality photos for free and you can select the size of the photo with it.

You can visit pexels by click here.

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3. Pixabay

free stock photos

Pixabay one of the top site and provide various types of free stock photos under copyright free license.

It contains tons of free stock photos and they are uploaded by generous photographers worldwide.

Create a free account on pixabay before start to use it because they use captcha solver for every photo to non pixabay users.

You can visit pixabay by click here.


Suitable high-quality photos attract more people to read your blog because people search by words on google and click suitable title then they see your posts featured photo. If your photo is great they will follow your blog post until the end.

We suggest you to use one of these there sites to get the correct photos to your blog post. These are copyright free photos and you can use it for free.

Cheers Smashers.

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