5 Blogging Mistakes

5 Blogging Mistakes, and How to Fix Them: Howtosmash.com

Blogging is a wonderful feeling, sometimes it can be so complex because of the wrong path.

Many bloggers are running blogs without a proper plan to grow their blog and they struggle in blogging.


Do You Know WHY?

Actually, Blogging is an amazing platform to drive huge traffic.

First of all, you need to identify your blogging mistakes and try to understand it and just avoid them. But, how to identify the basic blogging mistakes?

Here, I listed the common blogging mistakes, these 5 are the basic key mistakes affect your blogging life.

Let’s Go…

Not having a strong niche

Blogging Mistake #1: Not having a strong niche


The biggest mistake of blogging is not having a strong NICHE. Niche is the label of your blog.

Nowadays new bloggers are trying to fulfill all type of readers with their single blog. It’s looks like a Tech blog contains Medical posts.

That’s not a strong niche and it makes your blog down.

How to find a Strong Niche?


According to the entrepreneur.com, follow these 5 steps to find a strong niche.

v Identify your interests and passions.

v Identify problems you can solve.

v Research your competition.

v Determine the profitability of your niche.

v Test your idea.

“Blogging is amazing when you do properly…”

Low Content

Blogging Mistake #2: Low Content


Content is the backbone of the blog and readers need good contents to follow your blog regularly.

Do you know that posting consistent contents regularly keeps your readers coming back again and again.


First, you need to plan your content at-least for 10 posts every month. And post them regularly with a planned schedule

Low Quality Pictures

Blogging Mistake #3: Quality Pictures


Do you know that a single picture can tell your post summary. Pictures are powerful and attract more readers.

For an example Pinterest is a picture sharing platform and now that is one of the highest traffic contained site in the world.

At the same time using a picture without proper permission is a biggest mistake.

You can get copyright free pictures from Pixabay, Pexels with zero cost and you can purchase more quality pictures related to your blog from Shutterstock.

Remember one thing using google searched (copyright pictures) pictures on your blog make several issues.

Engaging with Your Readers

Blogging Mistake #4Engaging with Your Readers


Your readers are the strength of your blog. Your blog getting comments mean your readers are responding your post and they typed their opinion as a comment.

May be the comment is good or bad but the main thing is your readers are trying to engaging with you through their comments.


So, you must read all comments carefully and respond it separately. It makes a social bond with you and your readers.

Blog Promotion

Blogging Mistake #5: Blog Promotion


This the 5th but an important mistake that most of the bloggers do, that is Promotion. Promoting your blog post mean you are telling that your blog is talking about a topic.

Just think you have an amazing blog content and you designed that post in high quality, but you will never get enough traffic without a proper promotion.

So, you can promote your posts through Emails. Yes, still Email marketing generate a high traffic, you can share your post across the Social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.


These are basic and common 5 blogging mistakes and these 5 are suitable for any type of blogs or niches.

Just follow this 5 blogging mistakes and identify your blogging mistakes and fix them now.

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