5 easy ways to make money online


Do you ever imagine that you can make money online? Yes, you can and the online jobs requirements are a computer, internet access and a cup of coffee. Today, I listed 5 websites for you and these are the places where you can make money if you really serious.

Online jobs are really cool because you can make as much as a $100 per day or more without losing your 9 to 5 ordinary job. You can make real money by doing online works with your free time and can make some dollars.

Before the list I want to tell you something, In online money making ways are separated into two types, The first one is active income and the second is passive income. Active income means you will get paid for the work you do, If you don’t work you will not get money and the passive income is work once and market it to people and make money again and again.

Here are the sites to make money online,


make money upwork

Upwork is a freelancing website for freelancers. Business people and individuals post needed services on upwork website. Usually the services are article writing, coding, android and ios app development, video editing, WordPress issues, website designing and development, graphic design and more.

Create a freelancing account with upwork and setup your profile importantly add your skills and qualifications. Bid the projects and start working and make decent money.


Millions of people use YouTube everyday but they don’t have idea that YouTube is an amazing money making platform. Yes, that is true there are lot of people makes decent amount from YouTube and make their life better.

For this process you want a YouTube channel and unique content videos. Start a YouTube channel using your Gmail and don’t worry it is totally free!

YouTube have several rules to monetize your channel and once you reached that you can monetize your videos. Do you have any ideas about YouTube income limit? Trust me you can make money much as or more you want.

Create a unique and high quality content for your YouTube videos and My idea is creating videos based on trending topics so your YouTube videos will be viral! Your videos will earn money for you in passive income method.

YouTube have some keys those are more views and more subscribers you are getting means your videos making more money for you.

Before that I just want to remember you something now YouTube monetization rules are updated and carefully start your channel under YouTube policy and happily make money online!


make money fiverr

Fiverr is another wonderful website and I’m pretty sure you will have heard this name around internet. It is the one of the easiest website to make money by doing simple online jobs. Fiverr is famous for $5 projects but it has different projects in different costs and most of the students and freelancers are really wish to use it.

Most of the fiverr projects are based on animation video works, all type of graphic designing, social media supporting, architecture and floor planning, SEO, 3D designing, content writing, data entry and others.

The most important part is fiverr is one of the legitimate website and successfully running for years and millions of freelancers using it to make money.


make money clickbank

Clickbank is a best platform for manufacturers to promote their products and golden opportunities for affiliate marketers to make six figures. There are so many types of products available in clickbank and it paid to affiliate marketers high rate than other affiliate websites.

If you have a blog with high traffic then clickbank is for you, just select the products which is suitable for your niche and market it on your blog. That’s it you will get commissions every single purchase through your affiliate link. So many bloggers and affiliate marketers making decent money using this simple method.

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make money amazon

Amazon is an amazing website for buying favorite items under any categories through online. They making millions of million business every single month. These are the news you heard about Amazon but now I’m going to tell you that you can make money with Amazon.

If you are a seller then amazon is the right place for you, you can sell your products through amazon can make money or you are a marketer then choose amazon affiliates then market the products and make money from every single purchase or you are looking jobs in amazon then please join amazon Mechanical Turk and do jobs and get paid.

There are have another amazing opportunity for writers, If you can write a eBook then publish it with amazon for free. Then you will earn money every purchase.

For these methods you can make money and trust me there are thousands of people making six figures of dollars every single month using amazon.


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