5 Tools For Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog

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Blogging is an amazing feel for bloggers and the suitable content ideas for blog makes your post rocket hit in the blogging world. Every blogger must want to use correct tools to make their content shine.

Today we listed top 5 tools for generating content ideas for bloggers, who are running out of content ideas for their blog.

Blog content is the king of blog and that makes your blog shine among your competitors. Your readers are following your blog means your contents are so impressive and new to them.

So many fresher’s are struggle to find trending content ideas for their blog post and they manually spend too much time to find new content ideas to make a post. So they break their blog posting schedule and getting depression.

Here are the listed top 5 tools for generating content ideas for your trending post,

Here we go,

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1. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is an amazing and very useful tool to find most shared and engaging content in the internet. This website allows you to search any topic and gives you best results.

BuzzSumo is not only used for topic search, it provides another special thing which is you can search your competitor’s website and get their content details.

You can visit buzzsumo by click here.

2. Ahrefs Content Explorer


Ahrefs is the one of the best site explorers and an amazing seo tool; it works an alternative for BuzzSumo. Ahrefs tool grows your search traffic, monitor your blog niche activities and allows to research your competitors blogs to improve your’s one.

Ahrefs content explorer is a powerful tool to find the most popular content by searching around any topic or you can search your niche to catch up trending contents related to your niche.

You can find popular posts from any blog or you can find out your competitors post and catch up their contents through this tool and can make stunning content ideas for blog post.

You can visit Ahrefs content explorer by click here.

3. Quora

Quora is a question and answer social network site; which is get monthly around 100 million unique visitors. Quora is a free service for readers and those posting questions.

People who answer questions do so for free and the service does not charge to connect question with answer.

You can get tons of content ideas with quora by just search your keywords in the search box of quora; then simply you will get huge amount of content ideas in question and answer format.

You can choose the content ideas for blog post and start to make a post to your blog.

You can visit quora by click here.

4. Blog ideas generator

Blog idea generator is a tool which is provided by hubspot. This tools allows you to make content ideas for blog post

Simply search the keywords one by one in the search box of blog idea generator and it will suggest you post ideas.

You can visit blog idea generator by click here.

5. Google Trends

Google trends is a service powered by Google and it is used to generate trending content ideas for blog post. Trends is used to find currently trending topics around the world or you can search the keywords for the trend and get the details.

This tool offers various ways to find out trending topics, You can search topics in countrywise and can target the traffic.

Select the trending searches options to get daily search trending topics or real-time search trends in country wise.

You can visit blog idea generator by click here.

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