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#8 Types of Blog Posts to Drive More Traffic

#8 Blog Posts For More Traffic

Hello Smashers,

Blog is the another powerful arm of common people like you and me. Anyone can start a blog for any reason, for an example you can start a blog for your business, brand, news, share your personal experience, education, hobby and much more.


According to a research there are 500 millions of recognized blogs and getting 2 million blog posts daily. There’s no wonder this number will increased in future. Do you noticed that 2 million blog posts every single day.


Yes, that’s my topic and Do you know there have many blog posts based on single content but they are looking different than other posts. The reason is the bloggers using different types of blog posts to make their blog post different.



That’s why, Today we listed top 8 types of blog posts to drive more traffic to your blog.

Every blogger must want to use content idea generating tools to improve their content strategy, Here we listed 5 Tools For Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog

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1. LISTICLE - Blog Post

The Listicle is a type of blog post and this type of posts are really drive massive traffic. Because people always looks best they searched on google like “Top 5 or Top 10 or Best”.


Mostly the demanded industry or brands used this type of articles to attract their traffic. They transparently show their list and make a big deal among their competitors.

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2. How To - Blog Post

Every single time there are someone searching “How-To” on Google. People don’t know much but they want to learn more so they use “How-To” form on Google.

I’m sure you all heard this website “WikiHow”, This the best how-to based website and they provide how-to posts around all category. They started WikiHow small and now this is the tycoon of how-to industry.


Do you know something, that you can start these type of blog if you know how to do something? Just type the steps, insert the pictures and publish it.

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Image gallery is the finest ay to promote your brands and styles around people. You can add your products shootout pictures to your image gallery post and share them into social medias, I’m sure you will gain high traffic through it.

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4. NEWS - Blog Post

News based blogs are the No.1 traffic gaining sites and they have regular subscribers. If you have a news blog and you stay up to date in the news field, you can cover each and every story breaks. And your site will be famous in your field.


Product review is an amazing blog post type for the product owners. If you have products or you can get products relevant to your niche, then you are eligible to make a product review post.


If you do affiliate marketing then review the products and sell them, So you can make extra income with it.

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6. TIPS ARTICLE - Blog Post

Tips articles is a famous blog type and people interest to view them because they want to get tips to improve their works. Many housewives and single parent doing tips article type blogs to make monthly revenue through it.

7. INTERVIEW - Blog Post

Interview blog post is a form of questions and answer type and it’s a list of information. Professionals and bloggers love these type of posts because it contain valuable information’s in simple format.

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Personal stories is similar to success stories but its not same. If you are a blogger then you can write your personal experience as a story post in your blog.


People love to read personal stories because it’s really interesting and emotion story and they are true. This works better in travel and tour where readers will be interested in your experience.

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