Ads in WhatsApp Status: Facebook’s Major Decision

Facebook has made a major decision on serving ads on WhatsApp Status.


Facebook dropped its plan to serve advertisements on its WhatsApp application. Accordingly, The team and the code related to the project were deleted from the WhatsApp application.


In 2014 Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook company bought WhatsApp for $19 Billion. Later Facebook dropped WhatsApp’s annual fee of 99 cents project and make it free for all users.


After that, Facebook planned to introduce ads in WhatsApp and it started its work and later there is some news on the internet about the WhatsApp ads planned was dropped.

WhatsApp application has crossed 500 billion downloads on the Android platform and it’s powered by Facebook, WhatsApp Over 500 Million Downloads

It was reported just days before that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had temporarily abandoned his plan to serve ads in WhatsApp statistics.


The company is said to be partnering with WhatsApp’s mobile phone counterpart to Facebook to decide what ads to post on WhatsApp accounts. The project is said to have stirred up controversy within Facebook.


With this in mind, Facebook seems to think that most users are likely to destroy their Facebook accounts.

Earlier in August last year, it was reported that Facebook was offering ads on its WhatsApp application. WhatsApp’s vice president, Chris Daniels, said the ads would be served in the WhatsApp status area. According to information released today, Facebook has decided not to advertise on its application.


WhatsApp is said to have exhausted the team that had been hired to advertise on its application a few months earlier. It has been reported that the ads have been removed from the application’s codes.



According to WhatsApp’s Android Beta 2.19.356 version, there are no codes to add ads to the status quo.

Reference : Maalaimalar

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