Best Blogging Platform in 2020

Best Blogging Platforms in 2020


So, You are ready to start a blog, That’s a good idea but you don’t know how to choose the best blogging platform? You already found different types of ideas to choose the blogging platform on the web and I’m sure you may be confused. It’s really hard to choose the right one for you.



This post is going to help you to choose the best blogging platform by discussing the popular blogging platform providers.



Here we listed the most popular five blogging platform which is used by millions of bloggers around the world.





3.   Blogger

4.   Tumblr

5.   Medium

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Before to Start,

Before going to see them individually I want to clarify something about choosing the best blogging platform. The blogging platform is the place you are going to do everything related to your blog.



As a beginner, you must want to select the platform which is the ease of use but powerful because sometimes you are out of coding skills. So, Content Management System based blogging platforms are best. That is easy to use but powerful.



You want to decide what type of blog is yours and it’s future. This type of vision gives your blog a perfect life.



I’m telling you these because wrong selection makes your blog and blogging life difficult and it’s also hard to change.




So, Lets go,

best blogging platform - is the most popular blogging platform among bloggers. most of the blogger’s blogs are powered by


Almost 40% of websites on the internet are from and it is an open-source and self-hosted blogging platform.









It’s an Open Source and Completely free!


Custom layouts are hard to use


It gives you full power and the control of the blog


Needs frequent Updates


You can create all type of websites (more than 10 types of websites)


Learning curve


More than 1,000 free themes and you can make your blog stunning.


Need to buy Domain


More than 50,000 free plugins and it’s services too free.


Need to buy Hosting


Search Engine Optimization friendly and Easy with SEO plugins.





If you want to build your blog with then you need two more things and remember is always FREE!

that two things are,


v Domain Name (Ex:

v Web Hosting 

best blogging platform - is a paid hosting service created by the same person who creates 

You can simply create a blog using but that is limited and you can upgrade them to get more storage or custom domain or other premium features.







Free to use (free package only)


Limited storage


No need Domain


Limited control


No need Web Hosting


No custom Domain


Easy to set up


No ownership


Easy to maintain


Limited designs


Search Engine Optimization friendly and Easy with SEO plugins.


Limited plugins



Ad displays



No site identity



No Monetization



No e-commerce or Membership is also free (free package only) but they show advertisements and other branding on your site. Your blog name has a tail or subdomain (Ex:


But have its own PACKAGES,











$4 / Month



$8 / Month


$25 / Month


$45 / Month


some personality to your website with a custom domain and access to 24/7 support.



Build a unique site with advanced design tools, custom CSS, and Google Analytics support.



Power your business with custom plugins & themes, 200 GB storage, and live support.



Open your online store with a powerful, flexible platform designed to grow with you.


best blogging platform - blogger

Blogger is another popular blogging platform powered by Google. Blogger is the easiest and quickest platform to create a blog. 

To create a new blog all you need just a Gmail account and Blogger is FREE!

You don’t need to worry about your blog security because it powered Google’s robust security.








Totally FREE!



Limited Storage





Limited blogging tools


Google Integration



Limited templates


Easy to use



No frequent updates


Easy to manage



No ownership


Google’s robust secure



No full control



No Custom domain




No Web hosting



Blogger also doesn’t have a custom domain name it also provides a tail or subdomain (Ex: Blogger another weak point is your blog is not own to you and Blogger have full rights to DELETE your blog at any-time.

best blogging platform - tumblr

Tumblr is different from other blogging platforms and it’s a social type of blogging platform. You can watch the similarities like other social media platforms. You can share any type of data’s effortlessly with its in-build share tools.








Totally FREE!



Limited features


Can use custom domain



Limited themes


Easy to set up



Act like a social media


In-build social media tools



No ownership


User friendly



No control


Tumblr is free forever and the special thing is you can use custom domain to your Tumblr blog (Ex: Tumblr have themes and third-party apps.

best blogging platform - medium

Medium is another popular blogging platform among bloggers. Mostly journalists and expert writers are using Medium and its grown as a community. It’s also have a social network similarity.








Easy to use



No ownership





Limited features


Existing online community



No custom domain


No setup and no coding skill



Can’t run custom Ads


No need to design




Medium is FREE forever but you can’t own it and you can’t use your domain. Medium offers account address as your blog address like Facebook. 

Every blogger must want to use content idea generating tools to improve their content strategy, Here we listed 5 Tools For Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog

What We Say,

best blogging platform -

We suggest to create your blog. It is score well than other blogging platforms. 

It’s really easy to use and have powerful blogging features. Self-hosted blog is the best choice.


Here why we suggest you as the Best,


·        It’s Lifetime FREE!

·        Self-Hosted blog is always own to you.

·        You control your blog.

·        No one can DELETE or affect your blog.

·        You can design your blog without cost.

·        You can Make Money by Advertisements or Affiliates.

·        You can promote anything on your blog.

·        SEO supported and easy.

·        No need coding skills

·        Future blog changes are possible and easy.


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