whatsapp dark mode

Dark Mode in WhatsApp web

Dark Mode in WhatsApp web

The highly expected Dark Mode feature on the WhatsApp web service. We will continue to see how to use it.


This feature is already available in the Android and iOS versions. However, the Dark Mode feature is delay on the WhatsApp web site and now Dark Mode is provided on a WhatsApp web service.



In this case, Dark Mode has been added to the WhatsApp web site. Previously this feature was only offered in the beta version. We will continue to see how to use the Dark Mode feature immediately on the WhatsApp web site.

Facebook has made a major decision on
serving ads on WhatsApp Status

You need to open the WhatsApp application on your smartphone and click on the WhatsApp web option. Then you must open the WhatsApp web site on the computer and scan the QR code with the smartphone.


Once the WhatsApp web site is open on the computer, click on the Theme option in the Settings panel.



When this is done, you can activate the Dark Mode theme by clicking on the Tar Button in the theme option.

In addition to the Dark Mode feature in the WhatsApp web version, the WhatsApp announced more features in mobile WhatsApp application such as animated stickers, the ability to add contacts via QR code, and the ability to chat with up to 8 people on video calls.



The new features of the WhatsApp app will be made available to users in the coming weeks, according to WhatsApp’s official website.

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