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WhatsApp delivered a powerful feature in its last update and following on that, Facebook introduces much expected new features in the future update.

The highly anticipated DARK MODE feature on the WhatsApp application has been tested recently in its Beta version. The Dark Mode is provided on Instagram and Facebook Messenger applications.

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Along those lines, Dark Mode is expected to be launched soon on Facebook’s Android processor. Over the last few months, there have been some revelations on the internet that Facebook is going to offer Dark Mode in its next Android update. There is a piece of information that Dark Mode is being offered on Facebook’s Android beta application.

To be the first choice, Dark Mode is released to Android beta users. Screenshots confirming this have been released on the Internet. According to the screenshots, the Dark Mode in the Facebook application looks like it will be given a Dark Mode instead of the WhatsApp application. 

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Recently, WhatsApp released a new update for its Android beta users. That way the WhatsApp application is involved in providing animated stickers. The information that has just been released is said to have been modified at the time the sticker pack was animated.


Also found near the sticker pack is the play icon. Play Icon provides the ability to view animations before downloading them. The new update also includes the Delete Messages option.


WhatsApp IOS version Recently provided the ability to register the WhatsApp account. This feature is Works only if the user has activated the iCloud keychain options in their account. A similar feature is offered in the name of Account Transfer on the Android site.

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