Do You Know About Lotus Tower

The Lotus Tower is a tower located in Colombo, Sri Lanka. After work completed, This tower will be the tallest self-supported tower in South Asia. This project was first proposed to be built in the suburb of Peliyagoda, but the Government of Sri Lanka decided to shift the place.

 This tower looks like lotus shape and that was the reason behind the tower name. Lotus tower will be used for Communication, Observation and other leisure facilities. Lotus tower project worth is $104.3 Million and it’s funded by EXIM Bank of People’s Republic of China. You can see this tower throughout Colombo and it’s major places.

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Do you know about this lotus tower?

Asia’s tallest lotus tower. 356m high and 4 asphalt floors

90 minutes upstairs in 2 minutes travel- 10 acres of land

Massive parking space for 1500 vehicles

Facilities for 50 radio stations, 50 television stations and 20 telecommunication stations

The lotus tower is visible from the distance of every person entering the city of Colombo.

Construction work began in 2012.

At present, the hollow walls of the concrete walls are visible. It takes about 2 minutes to reach the building by elevator 215.

Through this tower, our country will be famous and will be the tower of excellence of the city of Colombo. The French Eiffel Tower is 324 meters high, while massive high-rise buildings are being built around the globe.

But the absolute height of the lotus tower is 356.3 meters. The tower is the tallest tower in South Asia. It is also one of the tallest towers in the world.

Construction of a shopping mall on the first floor of the tower

And a conference hall with a seating capacity of 400 people. The wedding reception hall is full of amenities, including luxury rooms, hotels, and an attentive visitor hall.

In addition, the telecommunications museum and restaurant are located in the basement of the tower.

Ceylon employees work with the Chinese in the construction of the tower.

The Lotus Tower is one of the tallest building in Asia.

The total cost of the Lotus Tower, which is being built for the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, is US $ 104 million.

lotus tower

This includes the construction of a massive parking lot and a commercial building with a capacity of 1500 vehicles at once.

The Lotus Tower, with the financial support of China’s Exim Bank at a cost of US $ 104.3 million, will be 1148.3 feet high and 30,600 square meters in size.

5000 tonnes of iron for construction and 20,000 cubic meters of concrete.

It is worth noting that the monument surrounding the tower cost 4000 cubic meters and 400 tonnes of iron for the initial work on the stability of the archipelago.

The 350 meter high tower towers will be erected here for radio and television. In addition, the observatory and telecommunication outlets will be set up.

A park for the construction of a 10-acre parcel project

The tower begins with four storeys under the ground.

The tower is equipped with high-speed electric lifts and can go from 85 to 90 floors in about two minutes.

Once the four floors below the ground are built, the building will be in the form of a cylinder and will consist of nine storeys in the form of a lotus flower that rises to 270 meters, or 85 or 90 storeys. 

lotus tower

These nine floors have visitor halls. The Telecom Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka (TRC) says that the top of the tower can be seen all over Sri Lanka in clear weather conditions.

About 50 radio stations, 50 television stations and 20 telecommunication stations will be set up.

The Digitized Regional Television ISDB-T, Communications, Entertainment and Business Facilities will be developed in the Lotus Tower.

These are used by Sri Lankans. It has also been reported that the tower will be used to promote tourism.

The tower is expected to grow manifold in Sri Lanka’s communication technology.


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