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Google Announces Major Google Maps Update

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Google Announces Major Google Maps Update
Google Maps Update

Google has been working hard for a standalone social networking site for a long time. But not as successful as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. So even if they do not succeed, they will not stop offering the social features of the platforms that Google currently owns and continues to run successfully. So now they have given users the feature to follow each other through Google maps.

“Whether they’re a coffee enthusiast documenting every last latte, or a hometown expert reviewing all things Perth or Phoenix, you can follow other Google Maps users with public profiles to get helpful recommendations about the places around you – Google”

In a blog post, Google announced that the new feature will make it easier to access community-powered updates and recommendations. According to Google, a user can follow another user who has shared photos and given recommendations. By following that you can get things like recommendations, advices, updates from those users.

It also comes with new topic filters. So then the user can filter the locations they want to go to and get them from the respective topics. So this includes places like eateries, camping grounds, parks.



Also note that users will be able to control whether their posts are shared publicly or privately on Google maps. So here are some of these features that have been globally role out. What do you think about this? Leave a comment.

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