Google Messages Will Automatically Delete OTP Message After 24 Hours

Today there are a large number of online services operating around the world. By now, even all the banking institutions in the world are tempted to offer their services online.

In this way, with the rapid growth of online services in almost every field, fraudulent access to online accounts, online banking, credit card and debit card payments has become a major issue. With hackers and some people being tempted to make unauthorized transactions through other people’s accounts.

One way to solve this problem is to use an OTP (One Time Password) to approve the transactions one by one through the account holder or cardholder. The most commonly used method is to send the relevant OTP to the account holder via SMS.

OTP text messages sent in this way are rarely deleted, so they are
stored in the inbox of almost everyone who receives the service for a
long time.

In response to this issue, Google is preparing to
offer the ability to automatically delete every OTP text message
received within 24 hours of receiving it through its Google Messages app
through a future update.

Google Messages v6.7.067 has been reverse engineered and supported as follows, according to a that has not yet been implemented report on the XDA Developers website.
It says that although it has not been implemented yet, it has been
introduced by the developers and will be implemented through a future

Google has introduced a new feature to automatically delete OTP SMS
messages after 24 hours to make it easier for its users to organize the
Messages inbox. An OTP code is usually valid for only 10 minutes. If you
do not use it within 10 minutes you will need to get a new OTP code.
Therefore, this is not a precautionary measure.

But most mobile
phone manufacturers that power their phones using Android offer their
own messaging app, with a separate inbox and automatically group SMS
messages with OTP and promotional messages.

Source: XDA Developers

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