Google Corona

Google Removing Fake Coronavirus Videos in YouTube

Google removing fake coronavirus videos on YouTube

Google is working on removing fake videos of coronavirus on its YouTube site.

Corona is the Big Global Emergency around the World.
It almost spread to all the countries and till now it affects more than 200,000 people around the world. “HOW TO PREVENT CORONA

Google Corona

Sunder Pichai, chief executive of Google and Alphabet, has said that the YouTube site is removing videos containing false information about the coronavirus. He said that they use artificial intelligence technology to remove false videos.


Sundar Pichai has posted on his website that he has removed thousands of fake videos from YouTube about the coronavirus so far. In addition, we have banned advertising on medical masks and breathing apparatus since last week.



We are continuing to remove videos that contain unproven methods that claim to prevent the spread of coronavirus. He added that the Google Maps service is continuing to remove fake reviews from health centers.

Google Corona

At the moment, the company is advertising on the homepage of Google’s website five steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus.



Sundar has begun offering $ 5 billion on behalf of Google ( to support the global corona impact and support science, medicine, education, and small businesses.

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