How To Check Your Website Value

Hello Smashers, We all know bloggers and website owners are making money with their blogs and websites. There are many ways to earn but majority of them makes money by advertisements and selling products or services.

So, now you understand that websites are valuable than others. And you know they’re making money but do you know how much they earn. Probably there’s no answers; because that earning value is really secret.

Now we have a valuable tool which is analyze the site with their website address. Today we are going to tell you that way to check your website value for free.

Let’s jump into it.

Every blogger must want to use content idea generating tools to improve their content strategy, Here we listed 5 Tools For Generating Content Ideas for Your Blog

The tool is “Worth of Web” and today we are going to tell you how to use it for yourself. First load the website by click the site name, “WORTH OF WEB“.

This is how the website value calculator looks like,

Before go to check your website I want to tell you something about worth of web, This is an amazing website to calculate your sites value but they provide many services.

1. Sell Your Website

Do you have a blog or website which is making money and you want to sell it, then this site is your place. You can sell your site for best price. If you think to sell your website then you must fill up there specifications.

They have two selling types, First is If your site making more than $1000 and your website was created more than 6 months ago, then you can fill up the form on there site and put your website in selling list.

Click the link to sell your site “SELL YOUR SITE

The second is If your site making less than $1000 and it was created less than 6 months ago, then join their Facebook group to sell.

Click the link to sell your site “SELL YOUR SITE

2. Buy A Website

Do you have any idea to buy a money making website for your business or passion, then immediately look this licensed website broker to get valuable websites.

They offer two types of sites, First is if your budget is higher than $20,000 then immediately fill up there contact form to get a list of websites. Click the link to sell your site “BUY SITE

The second is If your budget is lower than $20,000 then you want to join their Facebook group to get the website informations. Click the link to buy  site “BUY SITE

3. SEO & SEM Analysis Tool

They offer SEO & SEM analysis with semrush. If you are a blogger then you already knew about Semrush, It is one of the best SEO tool around the tech world.

You can analyze your websites SEO & SEM with them by click the link “SEO & SEM Analysis Tool“. You need add your domain name, keyword or url to start the analysis. Then you need to create a free semrush account using your email.

4. Domain Name Checker

You already have a good knowledge in domain name checking, buying and selling; like that worthofweb is offering domain name checking service for free. You can check your dream domain name is available or not by click this link “Domain Name Checker

5. Website Value Calculator

Finally we reached our main topic, This value checker is my favorite tool to calculate site value, I have checked this tool with many famous websites and the result is similar to their official value. That’s why I’m writing this article to you.

Click the link “Website Value Calculator” to load the site. This calculator is not just for find the site value, It will generate websites value, revenue details, estimated visits & pageviews, Alexa Traffic Rank, Worth of web rank, and User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) for that requested website.

You just need to type your sites domain name in the search bar and click the analyze button. You want to add your domain name without http and www, just type your domain like “howtosmash.com

Here I attach my favourite site Shoutmeloud‘s calculator results here, I used this website because it’s founder Harsh Agarwal openly posted his earning on his website, So you can check this tool’s work.


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