How to clean boot Windows 10

How to clean boot Windows 10

Windows 10 is the most updated and complicated operating system from
Microsoft. Windows 10 contains so many drivers to perform it smoothly.

According to Microsoft, the clean boot means “A “clean boot”
starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and startup programs, so that you
can determine whether a background program is interfering with your game or


Before starting the clean boot you must confirm that you are in the
Administrator account.


For the first time, users will hesitate about the clean boot method but if you follow the steps you can do a perfect clean boot windows 10.

Here we go,

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step 1

Right click on the Start button

Clean boot Windows 1

Click the Search

Clean boot Windows 2
step 2

Type “System configuration”

Clean boot Windows 3

Click “System configuration and open it

Clean boot Windows 14
step 3

System configuration dialog box will open

Clean boot Windows 4
step 4

Click the Services tab

Clean boot Windows 5
Clean boot Windows 6
step 5

Check “Hide all Microsoft services” 

Clean boot Windows 8

Click disable all button

Clean boot Windows 7
step 6

Click the Startup tab

Clean boot Windows 15

Click the “Open Task Manager”

Clean boot Windows 9
step 7

The Task manager will open

Clean boot Windows 10
step 8

Under the startup tab, disable all the startup by manually click one by one and disable it.

Clean boot Windows 11

Close the Task Manager

step 9

Click ok on system configuration to save all the process

Clean boot Windows 12
step 10

Re-Start the computer.

Clean boot Windows 13

Finally, you did a Clean Boot to your computer without a professional IT technician.

Reference : Microsoft

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