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How To Cleanup Windows 10 Like Expert

How To Cleanup Your Computer?

Windows 10 is the most updated and complicated operating system from Microsoft and it is one of the high using OS around the world. Windows 10 is the easiest version and powerful in windows series. But the problem is Windows will store unwanted files which is created by the programs that you run.


It will be nice if you could remove some unwanted dumps on your Windows and speed up your computer? Sounds good know; Are you ready to optimize your windows by removing some file errors, temporary files and dangerous viruses?


So, Today, I have brought you the best software’s which is work with Windows 10 and some software’s are already hidden from windows.


First, we are talking about Temporary Files. In Windows, the temporary file is a type of file that is created by programs or the software that runs on the computer.


Sometimes, even after the end of the process, the temporary files will still be left in their place. This unnecessary files will reduce the amount of computer space. 


For this reason, removing these temporary files at least once a week will allow you to keep your computer clean. These temporary files are all placed in one place on your computer. so that we can easily find them and delete them.


There are two ways,

Windows 10 is the most updated and complicated operating system from Microsoft. Windows 10 contains so many drivers to perform it smoothly.How To Clean BOOT Your Windows 10 computer by yourself

Clean Windows Temporary Files

  • Press ” Windows + R “
  • Type ” %temp% ” and Run
Windows task manager

It will take you to the location of the temporary files on your computer.

temporery files in windows

In this way, you will see many temporary Files and Folders. 


Now close all the programs which are currently running on your computer. Otherwise, the running program’s temporary files are not deleting properly. 


Then use “ Ctrl + A ” to select all and press the delete button. Most of the files will be deleted. But there are still some programs run in the background so that programs files can’t be deleted.

Clean with Windows Disk Cleanup

Now let’s talking about the second way. The second method is the Disk Cleanup. This is a Windows tool that can delete unwanted files from Windows operating systems such as previous updates, temporary files, windows defender cache, temporary internet files, Windows error reports, thumbnails.

To get this tool,

  • first, select the partition on the Hard drive on the operating system and right-click on it and go to Properties.
  • Now in the Properties window, under General tab, select Disk Cleanup.
windows disk cleanup
  • Now, after the disk is analyzed and the data collected, another window will open.
windows disk cleanup
windows disk cleanup
  • Click on Clean up system files. Now analyze again, and a window will open. Select the files you don’t want in the box next to it. Click the OK button at the bottom to delete the files.
windows disk cleanup

Speedup Windows Disk Optimization

The next tip is the Disk Optimize feature. There are several ways to store data inside a hard drive. Often the data are stored on the hard drive. 


When we delete the data stored, that space is left. The Disk Optimize tool is now available with Windows OS and it will help to optimize your hard disk perfectly.


  • To access the tool, right-click on any partition on your computer and go to the Properties window.
  • From the Tools menu, select Optimize. The Optimize window is now open.
windows disk optimization
  • Click on the analyse button.
windows disk optimization
  • Then, once it’s finished click Optimize.
  • This will take some time. It is the best way to optimize your hard drive, then restart your computer.

Let’s see why your computer is taking a lot of time after turn-on or restart. You think your computer getting late to on because your PC has too much software. That’s not the truth, truth is all the software are open at the start of the PC. That’s why your machine taking too much time.

Now we turn it off, 


  • Open Task Manager,
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc all three at a time, now you can see the task manager window.
windows task manager
  • Now in the Task Manager, there is a menu called Startup. Select the software’s and disable it by click the Disable button. Now you are out from software startup issue when you start your PC.
  • Don’t be afraid if you disable them, nothing will happen to them. This is just saying start. But some viruses do not allow the guard to be disabled.

How to Clean Windows with CCleaner

Now I am talking about a best software that removes viruses like Adware.


That software called “CCleaner”. You can also download it from HERE. It’s providing several powerful services; first you can clean up your full computer with this software. The specialty of is software is it has Registry Clean feature.


Sometimes we are unable to install software’s like MySQL, Local Server, SQL Server then clean the registry with CCleaner and then it will install.


Other things are you can uninstall programs, Browser plugins configuration, Disk analyzing, Duplicate finding, System restore and Disk wipe.

  • Open CCleaner and click “Cleaner” option in the left side.
  • Click the “Analyze” button, It will scan your computer.
  • After the green bar completed to 100%, Click the “Run Cleaner” button to remove them.
  • To clean your computer registry dumps, Now click the “Registry” button.
  • Click the “Scan for Issues” button.
  • After the green bar completed to 100%, Click the “Fix selected issues” button to remove them.

You can click the “Tools” options to get massive services like.

  • Uninstall the programs
  • Startup software configurations
  • Disk analysing
  • Duplicate finder (like images, videos, documents)
  • Driver wiper

Even though you can clean computers with each tool, these are the most trusted software’s you can install and clean the computer. When we installing other software’s mean there is a chance to get Adware’s too. So, When you installing the software, read it properly and process the work.


Good Luck!

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