How to Make Money From Your Blog

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Making money through blog is the high level dream for many bloggers and we listed 3 top advertising networks to make money from your blog.

Once a research show there are only 4% of professional bloggers makes more than $10000 per month, 9% of them makes more than $1000, 7% makes under $500 and others struggle to see $100 annually.

Bloggers are struggle to run their blogs without proper income and some difficult point they shut their blogs too.

There are plenty of ways to monetize your blog and today we listed very easiest way to monetize your blog with Advertising method. 

Here is the list of top 3 ways to make money with ads on your blog.

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how to make money from your blog


Google Adsense is a trusted advertising network powered by Google for make money from blogs or websites. Adsense servers quality ads for bloggers based on their contents and followers interests.

Adsense is the first choice for advertisers because of brand trust, Their work quality and Adsense is one of the best legitimate advertising networks around the world.

You can apply Google Adsense service for your blog when your blog ready and then Adsense network monitor your blog carefully and process the activating steps.

Once you get approved from Adsense you just need to place the codes where you want ads on your blog. Adsense offers various types of advertising options to publishers like you and another important of Adsense is its payments are trustable and genuine.

You can visit Adsense from HERE

how to make money from your blog

Media.Net is another advertising service used by many bloggers. It is the second option who willing to make money from blog. 

Media.Net is one of the best largest advertising company worldwide and it is the second largest advertising company around the world by revenue.

Many bloggers used media.net as an alternative for Google Adsense because it is similar to Adsense. It provides high-quality advertising services on over 500,000 websites.

Advertisers trust on media.net because of its work quality, processing methods, high-quality traffics and it works with other ad networks.

Publishers love media.net because they provide relevant ads services, native experience, works with other ad networks and confirm payments.

Once you get approve from media.net you can customize the ads on your blog where you want to show them.

You can visit Adsense from HERE.

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how to make money from your blog

PropellerAds is an ad-tech company provides marketing solutions worldwide. Many advertisers and publishers used propellerads because of its self-serve platform to manage a complete marketing system.

Propellerads is one of the largest advertising and marketing services company with 1 billion monthly audience reach. Many advertisers love propellerads because of its huge traffic range.

Once you got approved from propellerads you can select the ads, then just placed the code where the ads want to show on your blog and use your traffic to make money from blog.

Most of the publishers are trust propellerads because they do 70,000 ad campaigns every month, 25 million monthly tracked conversions, trusted by 32,000 active advertisers, Automated ad optimization, fraud preventions, various types of ads and trusted payment.

You can visit propellerads from HERE.


Finally, we listed the top 3 advertising services to make money from your blog. These three options are used by millions of publishers or bloggers to make money from there blogs.

If you try to make money from your blog for the first time we suggest you try Google Adsense as your startup. It is the easiest and comfortable service to make money from your blog because it provides auto ads service and you don’t need to change the code every time.

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