How To Prevent Corona?

How To Prevent Corona?



Corona is started from Wuhan city in China. Covid-19 alias corona is also like came from animals to humans. Nowadays Covid-19 alias Corona is starting to spread in SriLanka. Read below to prevent corona.

Why Corona is dangerous?


Several reports show that affected by corona can be organ failure. At the moment antibiotics are not working against corona and the antiviral drugs we used against the flu is also don’t work.


The recovery from corona disease is based on their immune system. The strengthen immune system will recover soon and the poor health people’s conditions are the danger.Covid-19 commonly known as the Corona is a big threat around the world.








Symptoms of Corona


The corona disease symptoms are similar to ordinary fever. And the basic symptoms are,


·        Suffer coughs

·        Fever

·        Breathing difficulties


How to protect from corona by yourself



1.     Wash your hands


wet your hands with clean water and apply soap. Then scrub your hands, backside, between the fingers, under the nails for at least 20 seconds and rinse it.


Cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough

When you feel like to cough or sneeze please cover your mouth and nose with a tissue paper or clean piece of cloths. Then bin them safely and wash your hands. While sneeze or cough if you don’t have a tissue paper then please your elbow, not your hands.


Don’t handshake or don’t use any type of body touching with affected people or the people coming from affected places or suspected people. If it happens please wash with soap and water.


Don’t touch your nose, mouth and eyes with your hands.



2.     Use proper face-masks


Proper face masks offer some protections from Corona disease. They block liquid droplets coming from infected patients. You will be safe from that but face masks can’t stop smaller aerosol particles.





 3.     Get early medical help


If you feeling fever or high cough or difficulty in breathing please contact the doctors or healthcare providers. And please don’t forget to share your travel history or your health issues.



4.     No for cold items


The corona is working with full energy in cold. So keep away the cold items and drink hot water regularly.



Corona disease transmitted from one human to another human?



Yes, the corona disease or coronavirus can be transmitted from one human to another human. Don’t make any type of touching with affected people or suspected people. 

More than 183,000 people affected by corona


Yes, according to the “Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering” there are more than 183,000 people infected by corona around 155 countries.


There are 7,166 deaths around the world by corona disease and more than 79,700 people recovered.



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