How to Use Google Docs on Windows 10

How to use Google Docs on Windows 10

It may come back as a surprise to you that Google Docs on Windows could be a common issue now. That doesn’t excuse the complaints that the majority of look Docs users have created in recent times once it involves syncing their files on the popular suite on Windows. during this article, we’ll look at however you’ll be able to have Google docs on Windows and open them to be used as well.

First, let’s inform ourselves with Google Docs.

What is Google Docs?

The name Google is certainly a unit name now, and plenty of people recognize what the extraordinary program stands for. Google docs could be a web-based application that’s accessible as a part of the web-based software, Office Suite.

Tt’s accessible solely through Google Drive services, and it is absolutely free. Google Slides, Google Sheets are services accessible on Google drive with the exception of Google Docs. The web-based application is additionally available a mobile application for iOS, Windows, Android, Blackberry, and a desktop app on Google ChromeOS.

It was first released on March 9, 2006, and is out there to users in over a hundred languages. As we’ve established earlier, Google Drive services is that the only avenue to use Google Docs. However, Windows 10 doesn’t have an in-built Google Drive support feature.

It solely is sensible to surprise why individuals are bent on mistreatment the Google product on Windows. Our answer thereto puzzle lies within the features Google Docs boast of.

Features of Google Docs

Of all the attributes that delight Google Docs on Windows, available through Google Drive to several users include;

Collaborative writing and Revision

Being a web-based application, users will open, edit, and revise their documents, create comments on them in time period on Google Docs. That’s not all. Multiple users will create changes to documents at an equivalent time.

Their changes are tracked and saved mechanically to Google’s servers. Users can come back the changes that created and see the history of revisions. Color-code is hooked up to every user and is employed to mark no matter modification any user or editor does to a document.


Google allowed edits on Google Docs offline with this feature, whilst its use increased. the sole demand was that the pc had a look Chrome internet browser. writing suggestions are done on Google Docs, allowing users to recommend edit which will either be accepted or rejected. This was peculiar to Microsoft Word.


Google Docs on Windows has this feature to assist users search the internet in-document results. Through machine learning, Explore uses information during a document to supply relevant search results.

Citation Ease

Through an equivalent machine learning that caused Explore, Google Docs got the short citation as footnotes feature.


Google created its product free despite the advanced options it boasts of. But, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like free things?

These options that we’ve highlighted can result in our next point. Why do users of Google Docs on Windows assume it’s complicated?

Google Docs Compatibility

The latest version of Google Drive which is able to have the Google Docs on Windows is compatible with the most recent versions of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, net somebody 11, and Microsoft Edge (For Windows only) and hunting expedition (For mack only).

These browsers aren’t the sole ones that are compatible with Google Drive, others can work with the app however they will not have all their features functioning.

It is additionally necessary to notice that cookies and JavaScript should air to with success install Google Docs otherwise you won’t have access to the Google Docs on Windows.

With pc operational Systems, you’ll be able to transfer Google Drive. it’s compatible with Windows seven and higher than (excluding Windows Server Editions). While, for Mac, it’s compatible with El Capitan 10.11 and above.

How to use Google Docs on Windows

However, I assume that you have already got a Google Drive account on your phone. If you don’t, you can still open one before you commence.

To get Google Docs on Windows

  • Visit the Google website, and transfer Google Drive.
  • Click on “Accept and Install”.
  • Tap the Run button and watch for the installation to complete.
  • Click on start on the Welcome to Google Drive page
  • Enter your register details to your Google Drive account and click next.
  • Click next on Step one of four Page.
  • Continue to click next till you get to the ultimate step.
  • Next, Click Done on step 4. At this point, a Google drive button which is able to permit you employ Google Docs on Windows ought to have appeared at the taskbar.
  • Lastly, click on the button to check what quantity storage you have got left and also the last synced file. If you have got enough storage, your Google Docs on Windows is sweet to go.

At The End

Finally, accessing your Google Docs on Windows isn’t as complicated as individuals create it dead set be. Follow the steps higher than and you’ll be fine. keep in mind that you simply can sync your files for free on Google Drive.

Also, you’ll be able to read the changes in real-time. If there’s a file you wish to figure on at completely different times, drop into your Google Drive and it will be accessible each on your pc and your mobile.


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