Messenger Kids for Kids

Messenger Kids for Kids

Facebook has launched the “Messenger Kids” chatting application exclusively for kids.


Facebook’s Messenger Kids application is currently released in more than 70 countries around the world. The Messenger Kids application offers more features than ever before and a variety of options for parental control.


What is Messenger Kids?


Messenger Kids is a free messaging and video calling application specially designed for the kids. Messenger kids is developed by Facebook and its completely free.

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You can set up messenger kids on your kid’s smartphone or tablet without a phone number or without creating a new Facebook account.


The new messenger kids have a feature called Supervised Friending. With this, parents can make changes at any time to the children’s list of friends. When a child receives a request, parents are notified.



With this app, parents can decide who will see the child’s profile and other details on messenger kids. Parents can choose who they want to know the child’s name and profile photo and other details in the messenger.

Parental Control in Messenger Kids

·        Parents approve all contacts of child

·        Parent can remove child’s contact

·        Parent will notify when child get a friend request

·        Child can’t restore deleted contacts


·        Advanced parental control system

Filters in Messenger Kids

·        Nudity, Sexual contents or Violence contents sharing are blocked.

·        Only Age-appropriate emojis, Gifs and stickers are available in this app.

This app doesn’t have any hidden Google search options.

Privacy in Messenger Kids

·        No application advertisements

·        No application purchase

·        Child registering will be done by parents account only


·        Childs accounts are not visible in Facebook


90% of the kids are using smartphones or tablets and many of them are access their parent’s social media. At this point, Messenger Kids is a valuable product for kids.

There are have many messaging apps but Messenger kids contain in-built filters and advanced parental control system so you don’t need to install other filtering softwares.

So, It will more beneficial for the parents whose child’s are using messaging apps.



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