Top 10 Unknown Facts

The real world is a place where all creatures can live in peace. Hundreds of researchers have made numerous attempts to determine the age of the world. They have finally claimed a failed age. But no one knows the real age of the world or the facts of the world.

We are living in the 21st century today, living a proactive life using many modern techniques. We are searching for answers to many mysteries with those modernities. Even so, many puzzles still remain incomprehensible.

Even so, we are artificially creating many mysteries. The puzzles that we have artificially created, and the puzzles in nature, are still hidden. We will write about them from today onwards in order to show them to you.

To begin with, today we have rounded up ten unknown facts of humanism.

10. Coffeeshop with talking sense

unknown facts

Did you know that, there is an amazing coffeeshop in France. It’s looks like ordinary one but contain a special quality than other coffeeshop. Which is that shop charges 7 Euros a coffee to rude customers but they offer 1.40 Euros to people who talk politely to coffeeshop staff. Did you know that good habits pay lots.

09. Money don't make man perfect

unknown facts

There is a man who wait in line to buy burger. That’s not a big deal but that’s a big deal if that man was the owner of Microsoft. Yes, Bill Gates always wait in line to buy his burger. Did you know that money don’t make man perfect.

08. Robinhood can't live long

unknown facts

There is a man named Hamza Bendelladj. He’s a computer specialist. He hacked 217 banks and made $4000 million and he donated everything to Africa and Palestine. And the result of this action he was executed with a satisfied smile. Did you know that there’s good and bad.

07. Disability don't stop learning

unknown facts

There is a boy in India who is having 90% disability but interest in education. His name is Tuhin Dey. He wrote his class 10 exams with his mouth and scored 88%. Did you know that disability don’t stop learning.

06. Fastest kid bold

unknown facts

There is boy who is just 7 years old but fastest kid in the world. This boy ran 100 meters in jst 13.48 seconds. He is the mini bold in the racing industry. Did you know that no one can judge a person’s power with their look.

05. Worst revenge taken

unknown facts

Did you know that Harry Potter fame actor Daniel Radcliffe once wore the same outfit for 6 months. The reason is simple but weird, that is he just want to make photographer angry. Did you know that people can get revenge by small thing.

04. Weired freezing contest

unknown facts

The Takhini hot pools in whitehorse, Canada. it host a hair freezing contest. It allows their visitors dunk their hair in hot water in 40 celcius and then let it freeze in the chilly air above -30 celcius. Did you know that still people crazy on weird contest.

03. There is another Taj mahal

unknown facts

There is a old man who is 83 from Uttar Pradesh, India. He built a mini Taj Mahal for his wife. The sadness is he also built Taj Mahal in memory of his deceased wife died in road accident. Did you know that there’re still have pure love.

02. No age limit for fun

unknown facts

Gaming is amazing for kids. There is an old grandpa rigged his bicycle with 11 smartphones across the street. And finally people revealed the truth of his setup. He use this designed bicycle to catch Pokemon. Did you know that there’s no age limit for fun. 

01. No real humanity

unknown facts

There is a teen instagram blogger was sentenced to 110 years in high security prison after she posted a live video of crash and dying of her sister on instagram. Did you know that there’s no real humanity in the word but there is.

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