WhatsApp Limits Forward Message Feature

WhatsApp Adds Limits on to the forwarding viral messages

Covid-19 lockdown people inside home and it’s affected many multi-national companies shut. So many companies start to work from home method. Group video call and group voice call is must in this situation.


There are so many video and voice call software’s and mobile applications are available and WhatsApp is one of the popular mobile and desktop app.


It has been reported that the use of forwarding messages in the WhatsApp has slowed down several times.



“Facebook has made a major decision on serving ads on WhatsApp Status. Ads in WhatsApp Status: Facebook’s Major Decision

As the coronavirus intensifies, WhatsApp is making various efforts to prevent the spread of fake news to the public. Due to the curfew, people are at home and some of them have become increasingly vulnerable to the spread of fake news on social networks.

In an attempt to bring it under control, Facebook’s WhatsApp has been restricted to the Forward Message feature. Accordingly, only one person can forward messages at a time. WhatsApp reported that the forwarded message usage in the WhatsApp has been reduced by up to 70 percent following this restriction.

According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, The restriction to prevent the spread of fake news has worked well. The change will help the WhatsApp is only for private conversations.


because WhatsApp’s new forward message update was limited the spread the fake news. Although the propagation of fake news cannot be ruled out as the number of forwarded messages has decreased greatly, this can be said to be the first step on the right path.


Earlier this month, WhatsApp was restricted to forwarding only one chat at a time on WhatsApp. Already, five people have been provided with the facility to forward the short message.

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