WhatsApp over 500 crore downloads

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WhatsApp application has crossed 500 billion downloads on the Android platform and it’s powered by Facebook.


About 500 billion people have downloaded WhatsApp on the Android platform here. WhatsApp is the second non-Google application to have past billions of downloads in the Play Store. 


The download count includes not only the Play Store but also smartphone companies such as Samsung and Huawei, with pre-installed versions of the devices. Earlier, Facebook had the distinction of being the first application to pass many downloads.


Facebook introduces much expected new features in the future update and Its called Facebook’s dark mode. “Dark Mode is Coming up on Facebook

WhatsApp, the world’s most popular activity online messenger, has a monthly user base of 160 million. Following this, the number of users using the Facebook Messenger application is 130 crores, and the WeChat application count is 110 crores.

Google, formerly a US-based search engine, topped Facebook for the first time in the fourth quarter of 2019 in the last five years.

About 85 crore people downloaded the Google application in the last quarter alone. In the same period, the Facebook application has crossed 80 million downloads. 

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