WhatsApp Status into Facebook Stories.

WhatsApp provides users with the ability to share on the WhatsApp application on Facebook stories. The feature that was previously tested in the Beta version is now being gradually delivered to all users.

Firstly this new feature is introduced on Android and iOS operating platforms. The feature will be made available to everyone or all types of operating platform in the coming days, according to WhatsApp webpage.

“Now You Can Hide Muted Status On Your WhatsApp application, WhatsApp New Feature to Hide Muted Status

The “Share to Facebook Story” button is provided to keep WhatsApp status updates on facebook stories. It is found near the status tape. The complete encryption is incompatible with the new feature.

When sharing status updates with other applications, they are not protected by complete encryption system. WhatsApp said that when status updates, WhatsApp will not share the account details with facebook and other applications.

WhatsApp for Android 2.19.258 and WhatsApp 2.19.92 for iPhone both versions are available for download at their operating platform App Stores.

source : blog.whatsapp.com

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