Xiaomi’s 100MP Camera Phone

Xiaomi’s new smartphone details have leaked online. The new smartphone is 100 megapixel. The camera has been reported to contain.

Details of Xiaomi’s new Mi Mix 4 smartphone have leaked online. As Samsung, Huawei and Apple are launching their flagship models, Xiaomi also joins the list. 

In that way, Xiaomi is about to introduce it’s Mi Mix 4 model. The information available so far seems to offer improved display, better camera hardware and new features on the new smartphone.

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Waterfall Screen is offered on the new Mi Mix 4 smartphone. A similar screen is also offered in the Nexus 3 model. This display will have a refresh rate of 90 Hz. Selfie camera pop-up can be provided to provide a better full screen display.

108 megapixel to take photos Xiaomi is said to be providing a capable camera. It has been reported that Samsung and Samsung are already working on developing a more capable camera. Thus, the new Mi Mix model will feature the Xiaomi 108 megapixel. The sensor can be provided.

In addition, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 model is expected to come with 40-watt fast charging. There is no information on whether it has wireless charging or a regular wireless charger. Earlier, Xiaomi introduced its Mi Charging Turbo 30-watt wireless charging technology.

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